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Oven Cleaning Wandsworth

oven_cleaning If you want to have well maintained, spotless and properly cleaned oven, you can rely on our cleaning technicians to sanitise it. They will come at a suitable day and time to scrub its removable parts, internal and external areas. Our company offers top-notch oven cleaning services in Wandsworth which can be used in domestic and commercial estates. We use effective dip tanks with heated solution to remove grease, burnt carbon and stains from the oven parts. Our employees will scrub and disinfect the inside and outside areas of the oven using mild but effective detergents.

Kitchen Cleaning Prices
Single Oven Cleaning £60
Double Oven Cleaning £79

Effective Oven Cleaning in Wandsworth

The oven cleaning which we provide comprises:

  • Initial inspection of the oven
  • Removing racks, control knobs, filters, fans, trays and other components to soak them in cleaning solution in our dip tanks
  • Scraping the grease, burnt food, dirt and stains from all internal and external surfaces
  • Cleaning the removable oven parts and wiping them
  • Reassembling the oven
  • Final inspection of the oven after cleaning it

High-Quality Oven Cleaning in Wandsworth

oven_cleaning1Our cleaners use dip tanks, mounted in their vans to soak all detachable oven parts and sanitise them more effectively. They scrub and rinse them after removing the grease and stains from them. The cleaning technicians in our company apply vegetable oil paste to clean the internal areas of ovens.

They remove the oven door and panels of glass that they sanitise, wipe and rinse to make them clearly visible and smudge-free. The oven knobs, hob components, trays and racks are cleaned separately and well. Use our efficient oven cleaning services provided in Wandsworth to homeowners, tenants, landlords and holders of restaurants.

In case your electric, range, microwave, gas or other kind of oven has become greasy and filled with burnt food, call us and we will take care of it.

Our cleaning methods are safe, effective and will make your appliances ready to be used after we sanitise them. We work with modern and tested detergents, preparations, tools and equipment for degreasing, soaking and sanitising. If you need the services of a proven and effective provider of oven cleaning in Wandsworth, get in touch with us.